Ants in my crestie's tank - bad??


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Hi everyone. First time to the forum and Tapatalk. I joined because I am a first time mommy to a bearded dragon and wanted some info on care for him. I also have had a crested gecko, Woody, for 2 and a half years and I need some input now because the internet isn't helping me.

I just moved into a very clean apartment with my lizards 3 months ago and I just found some ants around and in Woody's tank. This has happened at my last place but there were ants everywhere in the house then. When I moved out I cleaned all my stuff really well with clothes-safe bug repellant stuff. I keep my apartment really really clean and only leave my bedroom window open while Woody stays in the living in the other side of my apartment. I've been super careful (I thought) to let ants into my home, but sometimes those bastards find a way. These ants, too, are the tiny ones that you find outside (I guess picnic ants?).

Is it really bad that there are about 10-20 ants in his tank? Are they going to hurt Woody? It's been about 10 days since I've noticed the ants, and they are not anywhere else in my apartment. I tried spraying Windex with ammonia around (not anywhere near the mesh part so Woody doesn't accidentally breathe it in) and killing all the ants with my thumb when I find them, but they're still coming.

I never see Woody hunt them, probably because they are so small, so do you think they are ganging up on Woody and biting him and stuff?

I bought him a bigger tank because he really needed it. All the stuff in his original tank though is going into the new one (after a cleaning). Thoughts on what to do to prevent the ants from coming into the new tank?

I'm sorry, this was really long. I just wanted to give a full story of what's happening. Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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Nobody answered, what a shame. Please, if you'll back tell me how did it go with that new tank.
As for the ants, well, it's bad to have them there. You had a nice idea towards Windex with ammonia, but it's definitely not enough. I would recommend checking this article - especially the part about boric acid as well as a vinegar mixture. It should repel the insects for sure.


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Note that the original post was written in 2016, so it's probably out of date. Thanks for the link, anyway.