Art Geckos: Code of Ethics

Art Geckos

Leo Breeder
Reno, NV
Code of Ethics for Art Geckos Breeding Facility. I modified this from a dog breeders code of ethics; if you catch anything I missed please let me know! Thanks,


1. I will maintain a safe, clean, and sanitary facility for all leopard geckos in the collection and for sale. I will provide necessary heat, space, hides, and supplementation [multivitamin/calcium powder] for the geckos; and will gut load my feeder insects.

2. I will provide information on the characteristics and properties of the morph to interested individuals.

3. I will breed only for the purpose of improving the quality of the morph. I will not engage in breeding abnormal/unhealthy animals. I will conscientiously plan each pair of geckos for breeding, selecting a male and female to be mated based on their gentle temperament and amicable behaviors.

4. I will focus on gene flow and genetic diversity to make maximum improvements in Enigma health & welfare by increasing the number of available genotypes.

5. I will be knowledgeable about inherited health problems in various morphs and will do appropriate health clearances on all breeding animals. Copies of these health clearances will be available to buyers of leopard geckos for sale.

6. I will not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the morph, nor falsely advertise, or mislead any person regarding the performance of any animals for sale.

7. I will not breed any male or female until they are physically mature, and I will not continue to breed any male or female if their welfare becomes a concern.

8. I will comply with all federal, state or provincial and local government laws and regulations concerning the keeping of reptiles.

9. I will refrain from shipping any leopard gecko until it is at least 15 grams. I will ensure proper and safe packaging, and work with the courier service to reduce stress and increase safety of all animals.

10.I will show discrimination in the sale of my geckos and be concerned with the type of homes in which they are placed. I will make buyers aware of their responsibilities as geckos owners.

11. I will keep accurate records and retain those records for a minimum of three years. These records will include: genetic information, health clearances, egg laying/hatching schedules, ovulation schedule, breeder pairings, and cleaning schedule.

12. At time of sale, I will provide the buyer genetic information related to the parents of the animal sold; [a written, two-generation pedigree], health record including basic diet and care information, and be available for continued support and assistance should it be required.

13. A thirty day grace period will be afforded once receiving the animal; the time frame during which the gecko may be examined by a licensed veterinarian, at the buyer's expense, and, upon written recommendation of the veterinarian for specific reasons, the leopard gecko may be retuned to the seller for a full refund of all money paid.

14. I will be honest and ethical in my financial dealings with buyers.

I agree to be a resource for buyers of leopard geckos that I have sold for the life of the animal.
I agree to the above Code of Ethics and to be bound by its standard of behavior.

Ben Bargen, BSc.
Art Geckos