Asian Roadtrip Slash Instant Vacation

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Madina't Isa, Bahrain
Hey guys if you have not noticed, i was gone for like forever. As you may know i post/comment almost everyday except the last 2 months since i was so busy wrapping up my South-east Asian tour.

To kick things off, here are some photos of my visit to Vietnam.

Fields and the mountains, baby

View from the bus window

There's a friggin bug beside the bus window @[email protected]

When i saw this I was like, i wanna take this home for my reptiles lol

Saw this deep in the woods.. What do you guys think lives here? Haha

Of course, no Asian tour is complete til you've tried local delicacies; deep-fried bugs and spiders. P.S. i condone this tarantula treatment!! Lol

Getting ready to be cooked :( Old world Ts anyone? :(

That's part 1 for now lol