FOR SALE Blue Tongue Skink


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Washington, IL

Hatch Date: December 10, 2014
Sex: Unknown

He is around 7 months old. Still a scared baby. He loves to hide under his reptile carpet and sleep under there. He will come out during the day to bask and eat but if you walk in the room he runs to his hide. He hisses a lot when you first touch him, but after you pick him up and hold him for awhile he starts to calm down. once I put him back in his tank I can usually pet him without a his but then he runs away. He just needs to out grow it. I will miss this little guy but I am really wanting to make room for another bearded dragon. That's why I will be finding him a new home. He has never bit me before just hisses from time to time.

I am looking for $150 + shipping cost

Reason: I have 4 lizards total and I am trying to grow my collection of geckos and beardie's more. This little guy gets really excited when you feed him his favorite food snails!