Brumation or ill?


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Hi there/ My Ellie May is about 8-9 years old. I don't remember her going through brumation before, but she has gone extended periods without eating. Right now it has snowed outside, way earlier than usual and it has stuck around for the week. it may be two weeks+ that she has not eaten. Just before that she shed and ate the shed. She pooped a day or two later, and only one urite since. She also does not like her hot hide now (which is about 93 degrees) and insists on staying on the cooler side of her vivarium. She comes out a lot more, but lays around, her head on something, eyes closed. The eyes fully closed is new as she usually has at least one eye open partly keeping a close eye on anything close by. How do I know if she is going into brumation, or is ill?? My last leopard gecko died from Moss impaction. We had him for years and it was hard to have him pass. By the time I knew there was an issue it was too late. I thought his symptoms were brumation, especially as I saw him poop so I thought all was good. it wasn't. I have given Ellie some Carnivore Care mixed with a little bit of mineral oil. Next, I will try a warm bath. Then a vet. I would love to hear of your experiences with brumation. Can a leopard Gecko enter brumation when they haven't done so before and the temperatures of the tank don't change?
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I have found that some of mine move to the cool side and seem to get very sleepy and it's not the same ones each year. Interestingly, none seems to be doing that this year. The only one not eating much is 17 1/2 years old so I cut him some slack. Maybe a vet visit would be a good idea to set your mind at rest.


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