Buying a crested gecko - help!


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I am in the process of buying a crested gecko, but something struck me as strange when I asked about the feeding. The prior owner, who has had the gecko for a while, has been feeding it the small jelly cups mixed with water. This diet has been paired with repashy and calcium dusted crickets. I've heard, that the jelly cups are really unhealthy and even dangerous to feed to your crestie. Is this true? If so, is it a good idea for me to buy the gecko? Is it possible that it'll be addicted to the high sugar concentration or have any troubles from a past of eating that?


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There's always a risk getting a gecko that someone else has cared for differently, but I'd imagine it will adjust. At least it was getting real CGD as well. Be sure to provide the CGD flavors it's used to. I don't know if the other person was feeding it crickets or if you're comfortable with that, but if you are, most crested geckos really enjoy them and maybe it could take the place of the sweets.


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