Candling late term (54 days) also, time between clutch mates


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What damage does candling late term do?
I candled the clutch mate to the gecko that hatched 3 nights ago and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of gecko in there (compared to a 17 day younger egg- pitch black) what does this mean? And, what's the normal time Inbetween clutch mates? Thank you!


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I've had up to 5 days between clutch mates and when I candle a full term egg I usually can't see anything.



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Thank you- again! I am wondering why the full term egg has less light blockage compared to the 17 days younger one- larger hatchling inside? I know the baby bell I just hatched didn't seem to have a whole lot of gecko inside either like her clutch mate. I'm probably just overthinking though! :)

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