changing housing arrangements for my fat tail???


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I have a fat tail approx. 2 yrs old. He is in a large plastic storage bin. I use Eco Earth substrate. I am wanting to move him to a 10-20 gallon glass aquarium so we can have better visibility of him. Will this be okay for humidity issues? Also I was thinking of trying different (less messy) substrate such as reptile carpet. His dubia are getting hidden in the substrate also. Any advice or info?? :)


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As long as you give him a nice humidity box where he can burrow into it will be fine. I keep all of my Fat Tails on paper towels or newspaper. The important part is they have a humidity box filled with moist moss, eco earth, paper towels etc. Fat Tails are shy and prefer privacy, so expect some downtime with feeding if you switch him over. Make sure to offer lots of hiding spaces in addition to the humidity box. And I would also use an under tank heating pad vs a spotlight for heat. Good luck :)