Cleaning day pics, end of season


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Massachusetts, United States
Doing a full disinfect of the leopard geckos today, so took everyone's weight and snapped some photos. The breeding season seems to be winding down here. While the females are still ovulating, everyone is back on their food finally and starting to regain weight. Not a very successful season this year, but happy to see all my geckos making it through all right. :)

High yellow male
pet store purchase; rehabilitated rescue
estimated 8 years old
91.0 grams

He's pretty much immune to breeding season and always wants dubia roaches. ^_^;

E. m. afghanicus male
produced by Ramsey's Reptiles
4 years 3 months
46.4 grams

Somebody went into full on breeding mode and ignored food for many months this year after being bred to a female for the first time. Failed to produce any offspring, which is unfortunate. This is my ideal gecko as far as body type and personality. <3 Normally a bit chubbier, but he wanted to look lean and mean for the ladies.

E. m. afghanicus female
produced by Geckos Etc. Herpetoculture
4 years 2 months
44.6 grams

This female turned into a little skeleton again this year while ovulating. :( She required hand feeding for a few months with Grub Pie via syringe, soaking, prodding with mealworms, etc. She's now eating on her own but still ovulating. She's so bad during breeding season that it makes me wish spaying leopard geckos was a not-so-risky thing. Never bred, just a bad ovulator.

Bold, striped Gem Snow female
produced by Geckos Etc. Herpetoculture
3 years 10 months
72.3 grams

The star of the show as far as my morphs. She was bred to Hawkeye this year but did not produce a single egg. ;_; She's still ovulating, but I haven't gotten her to accept Hawkeye again over the past month. Much sadness that there will be no gorgeous Gem Snow / Afghan babies this year... She's lost a little weight but still looking good overall.