Cleveland reptile show Nov. 16th

michael novy

Cleveland Ohio
Come join us at the Cleveland reptile show this Sunday Nov. 16th.

Cb treefrogs

Redeyes – adults $45 ea
Albino redeyes – adults $70 ea
Black redeyes – adults $150 ea
Amazon milks – subadult highwhite reduce pattern $100 ea
Hylomantis Lemur – juvenile $60 ea // show price 5 for $250
Hyla marmorata (aka: bird **** frog) – froglets $30 ea 4 for $100
Nyctixalus Pictus (aka: Cinnamon Frog) – juvenile $50 ea
P. Tomopterna – juvenile $40 ea
Australian blue whites treefrog - $25 ea


D. Tinctorius Citronella - $30 ea
D. Tinctorius Yellowback - $30 ea
D. Leucomelas - $30 ea
D. Leucomelas Chocolate morph - $65 ea
D. Galactonotus - $40 ea
P. Vittatus - $20 ea


Universal Rock perfect for incorporating waterfalls and planters inside the vivs.
Universal Wood – no more baking wood or cork bark to sterilize it.
Live Sheet Moss
Silicone (black & clear)
Water pumps
Fruit Fly media (2 sizes avail)
Cricket Gut Load (3 sizes avail) Ladies tank tops are free with purchases of $200 or more!!!

I will not have much chance to get on the internet so feel free to give me a shout via phone at 216-965-2856.

You can also visit us on facebook at or
We'll see you there.

Michael Novy