Collection Sale


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Pasadena, MD
Here we have a couple breeders and babies for sale, I need to fund some better projects that i want to work with so these following beautys are up for grabs. If interested please call or text me at 410-800-9742. Make offers on the whole collection and i will only break up the collection if buying 2 or more animals.

Breeder Females

Lesser 1700grams
3 Het Albinos 1500-2000grams
Pastel 1600grams
3 Dinkers 1300-2000grams
Het Red axanthic 1000grams
Spider 2000grams
Yellow Belly 1400grams
Orange Ghost 1600grams
Het Pied 1400grams
Pinstripe 1600grams

Breeder Males

Fire 900grams
pastel yellow belly 600grams
Super Mojave 700grams
Het Red axanthic 700grams
Calico 700grams
Black Pastel Albino 700grams
Cinny het Ghost 600grams
Chocolate Pin 700grams

2012 babies

Enchi female 200grams
1.2 fires
Chocolate pin het ghost female
Super cinnamon Male 350grams