Complete Sellout


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Leland, NC
I need to re-home my leopard geckos. Found out last week that my wife is pregnant with our second child. Need the spare room to turn into babies room.
I have a total of 17 leopard geckos
Metal rack with heat and thermostat and tubs
Hatchling rack with heat and tubs
I even have a small meal worm colony started.
Everything you need to get started in the wonderful hobby of leopard geckos
If you have any questions please feel free to email me.
I will upload pics of everything this weekend
Would prefer to sell everything locally due to work schedule and not being able to get to Fedex Hub.

1. Sunglow het Raptor (m)
2. Raptor (f)
3. Super Snow Enigma (m)
4. Aptor (f)
5. Raptor (f)
6. Enigma het raptor (f)
7. Super Snow ph Tremper (m)
8. Mack Snow (f)
9. Super Snow Eclipse het Raptor (f)
10. Tangerine het Tremper (m)
11. Tangerine het Tremper (f)
12. Tremper Blazing Blizzard (f)
13. Sunglow (f)
14. Super Snow (m)
15. Sunglow (f)
16. Blizzard (f)
17. Sunglow (f)