Crestie skin infection? Small raised bumps on sides & crest


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My friend's crested gecko (approx 2yrs old) went missing from his tank in June of this year, and they just rediscovered him still living in their house about two weeks ago. He's been in a smaller bin since then, since his tank is being occupied by a different crestie now, and they can't be housed together. He looked fairly healthy - definitely a little bit skinnier, but surprisingly not bad.
Within the past week though, he's developed little wart-like bumps on his sides and up on his crest. We did notice some mold growing in his bin, so we did a full clean of everything in there and put him on paper towels for now so we can keep an eye on him. We've also been giving him regular betadine baths, to help disinfect in case it's a skin infection. This morning when we went to check on him, we saw he'd dropped his tail, but we think that may have just been regular stress from being in a new location.
Does anyone have any idea what could be causing it, or what we could do to help him?


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