DIY rock wall?


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So I’m making a 2 rock walls for my Leo’s, everything is pretty straightforward, I understand how to do it. I have most of the stuff I need, and I’ve even started building the model, and I have spray paint for the end. I don’t know what sealant I should use for the end? After the painting, what sealant is safe to use with Leo’s?


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I recently made my first hide and did the same research, ended using a light coat of polyacrylic and it worked great! Urethane is also safe but takes longer to cure and the fumes are nasty until it does, epoxy is good (and very water resistant!) but expensive and needs to be mixed perfectly or it won't set right, modgepog is also supposed to work well.

Both polyacrylic and polyurethane need time to fully dry, while you can pickup and recoat polyacrylic the same day after coating it the fumes are dangerous and it should be dried for at least a week or even two, if you can set it up near a heater that would be good. I think urethane could take most the month before the fumes were gone (or longer if you wanted another coat, though one should do just fine) but urethane is supposed to be much more durable.

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