Dreamsickle female to a good home


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I have a female dreamsicle leopard gecko I'd like to find a good home for as I am downsizing my collection. She is free to a good home, all I ask is you cover shipping or pick her up in person. I am located in the Portland area of Oregon and can meet at a local pet store for pick up.

She's the most mellow, easy-going leo I've ever had. She doesn't seem to mind anything and she's completely relaxed when being handled. The only downside is that she does display Enigma Syndrome, but only needs a little help eating. She's fine in every other way except this. All she needs is a worm dish full of mealworms however and she can help herself! She just misses a couple of times before she catches one. She also likes dubia roaches, superworms and the occasional waxworm as a treat. Despite her lousy aim she has a voracious appetite! :)

I think she would be a great pet gecko. I strongly advise against breeding her because of her ES. She is currently 42 grams.

Please email me at [email protected]