Eggs Get Stuck to Laybox

Neon Aurora

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Quick question. I have one female in particular who enjoys throwing all of her eco-earth out of her laybox and laying the eggs on the plastic floor of the laybox. The eggs get quite stuck. I just attempted to remove one and the outside of it tore a little bit. The membrane is still intact but it left behind some white stuff on the surface of the laybox. The egg didn't look fertile anyways so I'm not too messed up about potentially destroying it, but I still threw it in the incubator. Anyways, what is the best way to prevent the eggs from getting stuck or get them unstuck if it does happen?


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It happens to me occasionally. Here are 2 suggestions, neither of which I've tried:
--remove all the substrate, spray the bottom of the lay box with spray oil, replace the substrate
--once the eggs are laid, gently spray some water towards the bottom of the stuck eggs and try to remove.

Good luck, let me know how it goes.


Neon Aurora

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I'll give these a try next time she lays. I just sort of pried the eggs off this time before posting this. One of them lost some it it's "shell" but I checked on it now near 24 hours later and it looks good still (although when candled it doesn't look fertile). I'll update this thread if I get more stuck eggs and can try these.


A chronic issue with one of my females! She continually lays the eggs right on the basking end over the heat pad! Not the best place obviously. I've lost a few because they were dried out and probably cooked as well. When I have caught them in time I mist very lightly with water and slide a spatula (thin metal) under to pry the egg loose. I have had several eggs go on to hatch successfully that were laid like this.

Neon Aurora

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Thanks for the tips! That sounds frustrating. At least my female still lays in the laybox. She just throws all the substrate out first, haha.

I'll give the water and spatula a try next time. I'm sure she will do it again. Surprisingly the egg I damaged by pulling it off still looks good. It's white and nice and plump, no mold. So maybe that one is fertile after all and will even recover from the damage to its outer shell.

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