Fat Tail lost his tail 20 hours after getting him???


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hi everyone im new to this group. i havent owned reptiles for about 10 years but in my late teens i owned iguanas, fat tails, water dragons, red tail boas, uromastyx, burmese pythons, etc.. anyhow i was at a reptile show with my son and convinced my wife to let him get a fat tailed gecko as i had when i was younger. Mine was great, never any problems. this new one lost his tail the first night we had him!! I know it happens but dont see how this could've happened over night. I kept his enclosure very simple a hide a fake plant and a water dish. Its 82 degrees on the hot side and 77 in cool side. night time drops to 77 in hot 72 in cool. humidity is at 50 percent. What might have happened? Is she sick? Tail was found floating in water dish. Thanks in advance.


thats really weird. im sorry that it happened. i would heat the temperatures on the warm side up to the mid 90s though. i doubt that the slightly cooled temperatures would have done that to her. maybe it was the stress from being moved into a new space?

also, how tall is the water dish? maybe if its too deep she panicked about being stuck in the water for a second. i dont know though, im sort of just jotting down my thoughts. good luck with her.

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They have been known to lose their tails if something panics them such as a move to a new home unfamilliar territory etc, so it could just be that you got a nervous nelly for your AFT and she freaked a bit and dropped. It should grow back in, it'll just look a little bulbus and abnormal. Keep the end coated with some bag balm (or similar non-antibiotic based petrolium product) to keep it well moisturized. I hear this helps the tail grow in more "normal" looking. Post some pix when you get a chance... Id love to see her.

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