Feeding Geckos while on Holidays


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Need some advice, will be going on a family trip for a week, no one would be at home to take care of the geckos.

currently my feeding regime is as such:have 2 tanks, each tank houses 2 geckos. feed on alternate days, 2-3 crickets/gecko. change water every 3 days or so.

wondering whether could I place about 15-20 crickets in a feeding rock during the week-long holidays. Anyone has other alternatives? Reluctant to remove the geckos and ask friends/relatives at this point though. thank you


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Mealworms are safe to leave for the week, crickets aren't. Extra water would be needed too. They should be fine for that period of time.


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NO on Crickets.
double the water.
Easy way on food......
potato half in two corners
on the cool side of each tank.
cut end up.
10 worms on each half.
small super worms best...due to life cycle change.
meal will work.
worms should be no problem,
unless your geckos are sick.
you might want to remove worm hiding places....
like under rocks, while you are gone.
I have seen geckos ok after 7/8 months loose in the
house with minimum food and water.
Take care. HJ
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Your geckos should be fine. I just left my entire collection for a week and when I got back everything was fine. Before I ever go anywhere on a trip, I clean all the cages completely, give each animal 2 cage liners instead of one, and I do what I can bump feeding. Where I take out the hide spot and water dish from the animal and I feed it crickets, then once it eats all of those it gets more. And I continue this until they stop eating. Then I turn the lights off in the gecko room and go. All the geckos should be good until I return.

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