Females! Radar, mack eclipse, eclipse, tang.


Ghoulish Geckos
I still have a handful of geckos available. Shipping is additional and will be done when low temps are 38 or higher. Please see my full tos on facebook or my website (facebook one is more updated).

Alessa $125
Female Mack Eclipse het Tremper produced by Geckos Etc
Proven breeder eating dubia.
81 grams and on a small diet.
She does have a bit thicker neck (see face pic).

Lin $100 ON HOLD
Female Eclipse poss het Tremper produced by SC Geckos
Eating dubia. 66 grams (going into shed in pic)
Ready to breed after QT and when ovulating.

ZF01071714 $125
Female Radar hatched 7/17/14
Produced here. Eating mealworms.
62 grams.

Zee $150
Female Radar produced by Geckos Etc.
Proven breeder eating mealworms (would not switch to dubia).
66 grams

HF03090115 $70
TSF Super hypo tang het bell/eclipse.
Hatched 9/01/15. Parents are eclipse het bell x sunglow bell het eclipse.
Eating mealworms. 26 grams.
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