Finally getting a snake!Hognose tips?

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Anthony Neubauer
So I've finally convinced my mom to allow a Snake.I'm really excited!I've decided on a Western Hognose.I will be getting it August 6 or 7 at the reptile super show in Pomona.I'm probably going to just get a normal.I had a few questions though:

1.What size should I get?Is it better to start with a baby or adult?

2.How often should I feed it?

3.What size cage should it live in throughout it's life assuming I'm starting with a baby?

4.Would a baby be able to get out of a vision #1754 breeding rack?

5.Can you list a good number of morphs with the average price for each morph?Pictures would be a big help to!I can only get one,so I might try to get a morph depending on the price.

Thanks for anyone's help!

Gregg M

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The Rotten Apple NYC
Basic hognose set up should be as follows...

Temps- 80 degree cool side... Basking temps should range between 92 and 95 degrees...

Feeding- 2 times a week or every 3 days... They have a high metabolism and need the extra intake...

Caging- Hatchlings should be housed in small tubs... They should not be put in a viv right away as this can cause stress and may prompt your hog to go off feed...

Substrate- Offer an inch or two of shredded aspen... This will allow them to burrow and feel secure...

Water- Offer a small, shallow water dish... Hognose snakes do not do well if there is too much humidity...

Starting with a baby or adult does not really matter much... What is important is that you get one that is an established feeder that takes unscent F/T rodents...

Keep them hot, dry and well fed and you should not have any problems with them... They are great snakes that make great pets...