First Time Offered - Bandit Electric 2nd Gen


Southern California
The new website has been launched ( but we are still in the process of working out all the bugs and uploading pics to all the pages so please check it out but bare with us while we continue the website work. Available geckos will continue to be posted on the classifieds.

First one offered for sale!

Bandit Electric 2nd Gen
$400 Shipped

We have been working this project for 3+ years and it has been by far the most exciting and interesting project I have worked. We have worked this project from both angles using Electric Tang males to Bandit Females and Bold Bandit Males to Electric Females. This male is an offspring from a Bandit/Electric 1st gen X Bandit/Electric 1 gen cross. We held back all offspring last year and this year we are currently working on the first 3rd gen bandit/electric offspring and first 2nd gen Electric/Bandit offspring. If you would like anymore info regarding this project please inquire.

$55 Flat rate unless it is found to be cheaper to your location then we will adjust accordingly.

Currently only open to trades for retics & burms.

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