Found eggs


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Hey all I woke up this morning to find two dented eggs in my tank. I was under the impression I had two females. They were laid on tile and I’m not sure what to do I’m assuming it’s to late. Any advice


Female geckos will lay infertile eggs every now and then. It's completely normal. Do you mind posting a good picture of their vents so I can see if they are both females? Because If you are unsure and one of them turns out to be a male, they will continue to breed. If you cant post a picture, a good way to sex your geckos would be to look at their vents. If you have a male, you will see very dark pores in the shape of a V right above his vent called pre-anal pores. He will also have a noticeable bulge right at the base of his tail called a hemipenal bulge. If you have a female, the pores will be hardly visible to the eye and will not be dark. She will not have the hemipenal bulge either. Since you obviously have one female, you can compare your 2 geckos and quite easily distinguish them apart by examining their undersides.
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