Geckcessories Finances 2016


Staff member
Somerville, MA
As a service to the community to help with understanding the costs and benefits of breeding geckos, I'm presenting my financial records for 2016 below.
A few notes:
a. My "misc." category is primarily for shipping payments and expenditures, as well as medical costs. In addition, I made $500 this past year in payment for writing gecko related copy for someone's website and decided to count that as Geckcessories income.
b. I spent more than I had planned to on purchasing geckos this year. I'm hoping that will go down for 2017.

Here it is:

Income total Reptiles Food Supplies Misc.
1905 0 126 779

Expense total -1005 -1398 -267 -588

Income - expense +900 -1398 -141 +191

Total Net -448

So, as you can see, I ran about $450 in the red this past year, and it would have been double that had I not earned that $500 for writing.
This is an opportunity to get a sense of how the "business" often works, especially for those of you who think you're going to make a bundle breeding geckos.
I'm looking forward to 2017!

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