Gecko injury


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So about 2-3 days ago one of my leopard geckos was able to get out of his cage and made if over to my others cage. He must of been able to push the top enough to get threw any ways he injured my other gecko. Now my other geckos back leg is swollen but she is able to move it but what now worries me is she wont eat and she is started to develop red splashes around her body must mostly on the bottom of her. I am worried that she has an infection. I have been giving her warm baths and cleaning her injury's and ive read to put some a & d ointment on it. I have her laying on paper towels as well and change them twice a day. She looks very out of it like her eyes will open and close here and there. Is there any meds i can give her, looking for advice thank you!


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Somerville, MA
She needs to see a reptile vet who need to figure out what the proper antibiotic is, if needed, and what the dosage is according to her weight.