Gecko launches himself at glass in front of me


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I've had my chahoua Chalupa for over a month now. This is my first gecko ever, and it's been going well so far.

He's been great. What I'm trying to work on his handling him more regularly, and working out a system to safely get him in and out of the cage without him running loose around my house (because that happened once). He takes food from me, and I feed him both Pangea & Repashy along with a few other brands. But he still won't eat insects! It's weird that he won't eat them since being with me even though the breeder said he would hunt them down in his cage. But I've been hearing that they go through these weird diet preference periods?

Anyways, since Chalupa has been with me, I've started to see his personality come out, yay. He's very curious. He's really funny too, like when I come to the front door to look at him. He'll notice me and has started approaching the front where I am. He'll look at something behind me, then look at me, then look at the floor, then look at me, haha.

And now I have on record a total of 4 times that he's launched himself at the glass. He's done this while I'm there at the cage. Does that mean anything? I'm pretty sure he does this when I'm not around either. One time I was watching him and he launched at the front door, then he slid down the glass. He got back up and crawled to the top. I stepped out of the room and came back to find him suctioned to the front door again, which makes me think he launched himself once again.

He definitely did not do this in the beginning so that's how I think he's starting to show more personality and be more comfortable with me. In the beginning he definitely would never approach the door if I was there.


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One of my crested geckos does this sometimes. I also have a gold dust day gecko that sometimes dive bombs the cage. She is only about 5 inches long and slender, but I can hear the thuds when she jumps from her perch onto the front door of the cage!


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