gecko light timers for vacation?


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Hello! In a few weeks me and my partner will be going on vacation for 3-4 days. We have 3 leopard geckos (all separate tanks) we bought this year itll be the first time leaving them! My concern is what to do about the lights we turn on/off everyday.
After some research, I read a lot about 'self timer lights'. I looked them up but couldn't figure out if these were something you have to physically set every day or if we could use this to turn their lights on/off while on vacation.
So I wanted to ask the people who probably have faced the same problem as us! For all the gecko owners that go on vacation - what do you do?!? What do you use?
Thanks for all the help!


Staff member
I actually don't use lights for my leopard geckos. If they're in a room where there's ambient light, you can just do without the lights for that period of time. You can also get a basic light timer from a home improvement store, which is how my non leopard gecko lights are all running. There are lots of versions. Some have holes for 3-prong plugs, some can accommodate up to 3 lights. You plug the light into the timer, plug the timer into the wall and set the timer for on and off time.


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