Gecko sitting help- Baltimore MD


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Washington, DC
$20/ visit (negotiable). Located in 21210 zipcode of Baltimore.

I am going away for 10 weeks and have gotten my mother to agree to look after my leopard geckos. Which should work out great for 5/8 of them, but I have 3 enigmas that I adopted that have severe 'enigma syndrome'. All of them I have considered euthanizing at one point or another due to quality of life issues, but for now they all seem very happy and healthy (though living more upside down than the usual lizard). My mother will take care of basics of day-to-day care.

But I would love to find someone who would be able to come every couple weeks or so and check on all my guys- especially the three enigmas. If they have lost weight (I have a scale) or look hungry, if you could hand-feed them some juvie roaches. Which brings me to duty #2, which would be feeding said roaches. My parents tolerate mealworms in the fridge but don't even want to think about the whole roach thing. And finally, if anyone has stuck shed, if you could soak them and get it off. Special considerations for my Tremper enigma, as hers peels from the head and feet a few days later than the rest of her body, and if you try to force it she looks like she got burned. If you could clean the cages as needed, that would be bonus.

That said I am looking for someone with enough experience that they can do these things and are comfortable with the roaches. I can buy you tongs if you need, though I find that means the bugs escape easier...

Shoot me a PM or reply to the thread with questions or interest. Thanks!