Gecko Taming Tips


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Hello fellow gecko enthusiasts!

I received a gecko 8 days ago from NoCo Exotics (a Northern Colorado Breeder) and based on his attitude towards me, have realized it's going to be a very long process of getting the little guy to trust me. He is incredibly skittish to the point where just walking into the room today made him hiss at me and he tried to jump at me from the opening of his hide. Note I'm about 4 feet away at that point and haven't even approached his terrarium. He did the same thing when I got to his terrarium and ended up scraping skin off his nose after hitting the edge of his hide.

I've been working with him the past three nights using a technique I came across in which you remove the hides and rest your hands in the terrarium, positioning your hands in ways that encourage the gecko to crawl over them. I also try holding him in the terrarium for as long as I can before he gets away. IMG_20191017_012437_249.jpgMy other three geckos have never behaved so anxiously, so a reptile with this level of fear and distrust is new to me. I had expected him to have been accustomed to people as he is 10 months old, but I don't think the breeders handled him very much and after inquiring about his temperament in an email I was told they keep their geckos in bins so being able to see everything is probably freaking him out. Any tips or things I can try to help him adjust to both his surroundings and me?


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Try covering the cage on 3 sides so he feels a little more comfortable. I have a crested gecko and a leopard gecko who were raised in bins and are now in cages. I've had them for 2-3 years and though they don't have as extreme a reaction, they have never become tame.