Gecko with broken ribs?


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I have a gecko that fell off my bed after I looked away for a second, and while I didn't notice any problems with her that day or days after, I noticed a strange V shape on her chest that's slightly concaved not too long ago. She's been acting normally, spunky as ever, fast and eating.

I don't have the most money right now since I spent a good amount on the other two geckos I rescued along with this one, so vet really isn't preferred, but I'm seriously thinking about it despite that.

My mom told me there isn't much to do for broken ribs and the best thing to do is leave them and let them heal- is this true or is there anything more I or a vet can do?

Please help if you can! I love this girl to bits and want her to be okay.


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I agree with your mom. The ribs can't really be strapped up. If she's eating and acting normally she's probably fine, or fine enough to be healing on her own. I had a gecko once with a broken jaw (bit into a pebble in her cage which I removed immediately) and the vet had me just leave it alone. It healed fine