Goffin’s Cockatoo Modifies & Uses a Tool: Have you seen anything similar?


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This incident is especially interesting because the cockatoo not only used a tool but modified it to suit a purpose as well…all without having seen tool use in other birds!

A Goffin’s Cockatoo living at the Vienna University stunned researchers by exhibiting behaviors never before seen in any parrot species. The bird, known as Figaro, went far beyond “mere” tool use. When confronted with an out-of-reach treat, he first searched for a stick to use, and then modified the stick so as to better suit it for his purposes. Figaro’s accomplishments are especially surprising because he had not been trained in any way, nor had he observed other tool-using birds. He seems to have “envisioned” a concept and acted upon it. Please post your own “smart parrot” stories below.
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