Going Overseas Sellout


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Leland, NC
I am taking a job over seas for the next year and need to cut down on the number of geckos that my wife will have to tend to by herself while I'm gone. :(

Adults: ($30 each or 125 for all)
Sunglow het Raptor male
Aptor Female (regen tail tip)
Mack Snow female
Hypo Tangerine het tremper het blizzard (proven) (male and female)

Juvies: All TS at 83 for female ($15 each or 50 for all)
Blizzard het tremper
Hypo Tangerine (starting to show carrot tail)
Hypo het tremper
Hypo het Tremper het blizzard

I would like to try to sell locally to keep from having to ship in this heat. If you take all I will sell for $150 plus shipping. I will try to post pics tomorrow.
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