Goniurosaurus luii


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Another photoshoot I did for my website, but I can't say that I really got that "money shot" on any of these. Goniurosaurus are pretty shy geckos and being out in the glare of the lighting was a bit stressful for them. They paced pretty constantly and were hard to get in sharp focus.

I have both G. luii and G. hainanensis. All are captive bred. I find the G.luii to be less shy than the hainanensis. They are often out and about when I am feeding. The hainanensis tend to take cover when I turn on the lights.

Both pairs are probably mature enough to breed this year, but I held off and will put them together early next season. It is a very busy summer for me with a new baby in the house and I didn't want to take on too many new breeding projects.

Male G. luii

Female G. luii - has kind of a cool aberrant pattern

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Top Quality those Gary - congrats ! :main_thumbsup:

Funnily enough I was just talking to my wife and saying there's amarked difference in the GLuii I have and the Hainy's. When I go to bed around midnight the Luii are all out and about hanging off the mesh of their enclosure or halfway up the cork bark etc, whereas sometimes I would swear the Hains have escaped or died, as there's nothing to see when you peek in their enclosures ! :main_huh:

They are still there but very secretive ............. They shoot off much more readily too if you approach, whereas the Luii while not 'handleable' like leos, just tend to freeze still and not move until the very last second.

I must admit I am more keen on the Luii as a result (plus I like their colours more too....);)