Good AFT setup?


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So rate my setup... if it works I was thinking about using the entire log area as his wet hide so he will have lots of moisture.. do you think the log will mold?

The heat mat is half under the log so it gives him warm/cool in one location though the gradient might be to small. The log was a bit larger than I anticipated. I have a stair with water dish thing I can use for a cooler hide but it will give him less open space.

I am hoping he will decide to poop on the paper towel.. we will see.
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What is that substrate with the paper towel?

I tend not to use the real logs in any setup with humidity as the chance for molding is there. There are a lot of nice plastic/ceramic ones out there. A few have jagged edges though so I would avoid those.

In my opinion, a log doesn't make for a very good humid hide (especially if not against a wall). A key part of a humid hide's functionality is it not being exposed to air as much as other areas of the terrarium. More exposure to air allows the humid air to flow out easier, resulting in a non-humid hide that dries out sooner. It's best to have just one opening in a humid hide (preferrably small but big enough to get in/out without trouble).

If you use substrate like eco-earth/coco-fiber and keep it moist through daily spraying (and add more water if it gets dry), you may not even need a humid hide, though you can still add one. Eco-earth is also nice because you don't have to remove the feces and urates from the tank - keep the substrate moist and stir it every so often, and the waste will break down on its own. The tank can become bioactive and will need little maintenance other than needing to keep it moist.

I find that adding a small amount of spaghnum moss (~10%) to the eco-earth helps keep the soil moist for longer periods of time as well.
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Everything looks good just that log won't hold humidity. Unless the whole tank is going to stay humid, you need something semi closed in. I find humidity to be little of a problem though, as long as you make sure there is humidity during shedding you should be fine. I usually spray 1-2x a day and have a small humid hide. Other than that, which shouldn't be a problem, I would make sure there's heating under that last hide. They love to be in the dark, and love the warmth, so make sure both are together. My heating pad is directly under my large warm hide.