Hello !


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I’m glad to have found this forum! I do not have a leopard gecko yet, but I am hoping to educate myself here so that I can bring one home in the future

I currently have a bearded dragon (Nugget) & a Pac-Man frog (Rootbeer) so I am pretty familiar with the basics. I’m looking forward to stressing over a new baby lol ❤️

hope these pics of my little darlings are allowed 65753615-B3ED-43B8-9426-567725D3C26E.jpeg C049C105-6352-463A-BA0A-D3ED055DFF33.jpeg


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Welcome! All pictures definitely allowed. I have 2 beardies as well as a lot of leopard geckos and other gecko species. Unfortunately, my beardies are old (one is 13) and since they need to be hand-fed and medicated, I often feel as if I'm running a beardie nursing home!



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Aww. My Beardy is only about 4 years old but he’s also being syringe fed & medicated right now. He’s a rescue, by the time we got him a healthy weight & growing, he developed an infection during shed and has had a few issues since. But he’s on the mend now ❤️

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