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Hello everyone. I’m new and new to geckos. I’ve yet to get one yet but have been setting up a bioactive enclosure and trying to get it established before we get one.

with that said, I setup the enclosure. I have my drainage layer, my coir/compost layer and a layer of sphagnum moss. I have it planted with various plants including different tradescantia, pothos, philo, bromeliads, etc. On Monday I received my order of dwarf isopods and springtails that I added into my enclosure. I noticed some small white bugs when releasing but didn’t think anything of it because I thought they were different life stages of what I released. Throughout the week I’ve noticed more of them and today they were overrunning my enclosure. They don’t jump like springtails, I can see those in my substrate through the glass. They’re preferring the walls and top of the enclosure which I know isn’t in the character of what I meant to add.

Are these hitchhikers? I baked my substrate for a few hours in the oven before adding. It was a brand new enclosure that I rinsed with vinegar and warm water. My only guess is that they came with the cultures that I added!

what do I do now? Start over? I’ll lose the isopods and springtails. I suspect these things are mites! I’m so upset. Any advice is welcomed.



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They look like grain mites to me, though it's hard to tell from the picture. I've successfully gotten rid of grain mites in my feeder containers by repeated washing of the top of the enclosures with hot water to kill them. I'll include the Gecko Time article about it below. Since you don't have a gecko in there yet, you do have time to experiment. Worst case, you may have to get new isopods, but try some other things first.