Help with my Leopard gecko


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Hi guys just wanted to get some advice on my leopard geckos.

I currently have a gecko which was ovulating. I have put her with 1 other female and a male gecko together in a vivarium. They all ate crickets before I housed them all in their new cage. Now they don't seem to eat at all.

The ovulating female gecko mated with the male gecko and I believe she is currently holding eggs. Everybody in that cage seems to be out of energy.

I have placed dishes with calcium and another dish with water.

Can you please help me?

Another question is after having the ovulating gecko mate with the male is it alright to house the male and the female together in the cage?


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Somerville, MA
It's not unusual for both male and female geckos to eat a lot less during breeding and ovulating. The thing to watch out for is sudden weight loss, though there are some females that do lose a good amount of weight during breeding season. If they don't bounce back, they need to be retired from breeding the next season. Some people advocate keeping males and females separated except for a few days for them to mate. When I was breeding I kept my male and females together throughout the breeding season and rarely had a problem.