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Hey I’m Christopher so I went to the pet store today to get crickets for me other lizards and saw this guy and couldn’t leave him there after seeing him is this stick tail and what can I do to bring him back to health



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Somerville, MA
The absolute most important thing for you to do is to keep him far away from your other geckos. Feed him last. Wash your hands well before you touch the other geckos. Never put any feeder from his enclosure in with the other geckos. There's a chance he was bullied and just didn't get to eat. There's a greater chance he has cryptosporidiosis (I'm not a vet, but this does look like end stage crypto. How do I know? I have a houseful of crypto positive geckos and the ones that get more affected look like yours. I'll cite 2 articles at the end of this post). It's very likely you can't bring him back to health, but you can try by mashing up feeders and seeing if he'll take them.
The other important thing to do is that if and when he passes away, get your other geckos tested for crypto. This is a different test than mosts parasite tests. You don't need a fecal sample; they can swab the vent. You may need to do a second test to be sure if the first test is negative. Please consider never bringing a gecko that looks like that home again.
Here are the articles: