Herping South Africa


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So this Christmasholiday me and my family went to SA and I managed to see and catch alot of cool stuff, so I thought I'd share. :)

First is a rock monitor, that I also managed to catch, but I was to excited and forgot to take a closeup pic. ;)

There also was a 1,5-2 meter long croc at a waterhole, that had been carried there by floods a few years ago.

Praying mantis.

Foamnest or gray tree frog.

We came across 5 leopard tortoise, from a tiny baby to a about 50 year old female.


Nile monitor.

I found this little guy at a penguin colony, but no one could tell me the species, so maybe you can. :)

Don't know what this guy is either.

The locals called this a striped lizard, pic isn't too good.

I managed to catch a giant plated lizard. :)

And last but not least this little guy, whos name is also unknown to me.

I'll soon post a herping video with the above animals, so if your interested just send me a pm and I'll send you the link.
Hope you guys enjoy. :main_yes:
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