holdbacks and pick ups

Winter Garden FL.
First picture is a few female raptors and a het raptor I hatched this year. These really caught my eye and I decided to hold them back and see what they look like as adults.

These are a few geckos I picked up from Dan Gill in hopes of some new projects next year. Enigma pair

Well I couldn't resist myself and had to get a few Bell females from Dan also. After seeing some Bell Enigmas this past season I decided to try my luck at these animals.

Next is one of my Huddleston miami line candy cane I recently picked up. The other is in shed so I will have to post her pictures next time. Both are super clean and the red is getting darker every shed and as you can see the back ground is glowing

This one is a project I have wanted for quite some time. I was able to pick this girl up from Mike before the Daytona expo this year. Falcon Line Albino Bulls eye Nelsoni Milk.

And last but not least is a update picture of my male Falcon Line Hypo Hondoruan Milk snake. The female is in deep blue and I didn't mess with her either.