How big is too big?


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i just bought another sikorae (female) and im upgrading my 1.1 to a new 55 gallon tank. 24 long 36 tall 18 deep. is it too big? how would you feed in cases where its a bigger cage? and how would you want the temp? where would you want the ideal temperature to be higher? lower? mid? sooo many questions since iv only had smaller tanks where the whole cage is usually one temperature and feeding is a breeze


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I've kept 1.1 pair in a 18x18x36" & in a 24x36x48" enclosures and they will utilize every inch you give them....feeding is not a concern as they are aggressive hunters & will hunt their prey down anywhere in their enclosure. I keep a digital temp/humidity gauge in the center of each enclosure set at the mid-range for them, so if they want warmer they climb up & ig they want a little cooler then climb down. Just make sure you give them plenty of branches of the proper thickness horizontal & vertical for them.