Identification please?


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Hello, just wanting to see if anyone can identify this little gecko for me? Its been haunting our toilet for about a week and I have honestly never seen anything this amazing (Im used to seeing the asian imports). Have been trawling the net for pics that match it but the closest was not nearly dark enough. Its approx five ish cm from snout to vent and appears to be not so keen on bright light/daylight.
The location is a short distance south of Ipswich which is an hour south of Brisbane. The land surrounding the house is small acreage with a lot of native type trees, sort of semi wild.
Also, am I correct in guessing that this little one still has its original tail?

mystery gecko  2014-01-12  05.38.00.JPGmystery gecko  2014-01-12  20.07.00   2.JPG