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Hello everyone ! My name is maddie and I currently have 3 reptiles and one amphibian . I have two leopard geckos , both rescues , my first leopard gecko is a normal morph he is 6 years old and I’ve had him since he was a baby his name is yoshi . My second leo is a rescue with mbd and he is just almost a year old and his name is bones . I also have a ball python that is 5 years and a rescue and a Pac-Man frog that is about 6 months old . My leopard geckos and my frog are all in 20 gallon long tanks both geckos have matching tanks and I have a custom tank stand for all three of my tanks and cube organizers being made and I can’t wait to post on here about how we made it . Untill then my geckos are on the floor but I still wanted to introduce myself and my geckos :) if you want to learn more about bones my leopard gecko with mbd (he is the sun glow morph or the yellow and orange one) or have any questions about how to help a gecko with mbd don’t be afraid to ask I also made a separate post about bones a while back so feel free to check it out :) EF286288-9FED-4001-864C-8CE96891610D.jpeg DED27D54-25AF-4F1B-9A4F-98913CE90F8F.jpeg DF66FB66-4C48-47D9-ACE5-B7B7C3D07E34.jpeg 77FA6CEC-7F1B-4DF7-B09D-AE3352D08B53.jpeg

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