Is it better to have 1 or 2 U. Fimbs?

MnM Fimbs

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Calgary, Canada
I've had a WC male u. fimb now for 3yrs. I rescued him from a sad situation, where the person thought he looked cool but had no knowledge on care and had forgotten about him for a while by the time I brought him home... Any ways lol he's very happy. I just got him a bigger tank 4Hx3Wx2D and I've recently found a WC female u. fimb that's in need of a good home.

My questions are;
Is it worth getting a second one when my current male is very happy as is? Would I be able to house them together easily? How should I go about introducing them?

* I'm not necessarily looking to breed them (although I would delight in caring for eggs and young fimbs)

And does anyone have suggestions for varying there diet if u live in Canada where roaches, locusts, and grasshoppers are not available?

Thanks for your Time  me n my gecko appreciate it!