FOR SALE JMG Tangerine Granite African Fat-Tail Gecko-Adult Female!!!!


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Manassas, VA
I am trying to thin my herd a little bit to focus on some other projects. It pains me to sell this girl, but I really have no plans for her. She is a JMG Tangerine Granite, with unknown hets (some may be hiding though!). She does have a regenerated tail. She is 42g and feeding on 3/4in and 1in dusted crickets like a champ! She would make an awesome pet or breeder for this season or next season! She does have a very minor under bite which doesn't effect her in the slightest. Take her home for $200 plus shipping. I am really not interested in trades right now but I will entertain trades for African Fat-Tail Gecko morphs. Shipping is done via FedEx Priority Overnight. Please visit my website for terms and conditions.
Thanks for looking,
David Deem
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