Justin Mitcham from extreme hogs... CROOK...

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Long story short...

A man in Tiawan orderd over $13,000 in hognose snakes... He sent the Money to Justin via wire transfer... Justin recieved the cash and never sent the animals to Tiawan... He made up some bullspit story as to why he never sent the snakes involvin VAT tax that has nothing at all to do with Justins end, and refuses to send the guy his money back... This has been going on for a year, maybe longer...

Justin is also trying to distract from the situation at hand by bringing up other people and other issues that have nothing to do with him beating someone out of over $13k...

Not sure if I should post the link here but the entire story is on the fauna BOI...

I will contact Justin to let him know I posted this here...

I feel it is important for people to know what is going on...
Do yourselves a favor and stay clear of Justin Mitcham from extreme hogs...

Here is the email I sent incase it is needed...

thread about you...
‏From: Gregg Madden ([email protected])
Sent: Fri 2/11/11 7:44 PM
To: Justin extreme hogs ([email protected])

I started a thread on geckoforums.net about you ripping off some guy in Tiawan... To be fair I am letting you know about it... Here is the link...

Have a nice day
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That is insane! Why doesn't the dude in Taiwan take action thru the US legal system like the attorney general's office or something like that? He likely wouldn't have come to the states if he files thru the AG's office insted of thru small claims court which you can only sue for up to $5000 I believe, that is usually resolved thru email and postal communications, the AG acts as a mediator, or even the better business bureau will do teh same. Since the offense was committed in the US it has to go thru US courts for resolution from my understanding of our consumer protection laws. The other option is that since this is over $2500 that pretty much makes it a felony from my understanding of the law but he needs to act before the statue of limitations runs out. He could file criminal charges against dude. he should hire a US lawyer to act as his proxy and get this matter solved. I don't understand why Taiwan dude has waited so long to try and get resolution on this... imo that kinda makes him no better than the dude that ripped him off... kinda like saying sure take my money and run. This all is just so wrong on so many levels.


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Hi guys, between October and November 2012, I sent $ 2,250 USD by Paypal, after three years of lies finally told me
that it was not going to ship me any snake, or return my money!
This guy "Justin Mitcham" stole my money!