Keeping your mealworms fresh


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My leos seem to enjoy fresh mealworms. I recently started a fresh mealworms project and the results are easily seen. I get my mealworms from a local pet store I trust very much. Even though I trust them, I like to make sure the mealworms are fresh and gutloaded. To start I got a medium rubber made container and made 2 holes near the top (so the mealworms couldn't climb out) on opposite sides. Then, as a bedding/food, I put down Shredded Wheat (the cereal). As extra food I put in a few carrots. The mealworms are bigger and livelier. My leos are more attracted to the noise they make while they squirm around. Not to say they aren't okay with mealworms from the fridge, but they seem to like the fresh ones better. If you have another method or try my method, post about it!
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