Leo rabdomly stopped eating almost has been 2 weeks!!


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Hey guys, so this is my first Leo I've had axolotls before but never a gecko and I've had this one for about 2 months I believe it is a female but not too sure, after the initial move in period she had a very healthy appetite around 10 small mealworms a day, then I fed her crickets for the first time she loved them went crazy hunting then all of the sudden after feeding her crickets twice she just stopped eating, it's been almost 2 weeks since she stopped im a few days from taking her to the vet just wanna see if anyone else has tips till I get paid, she has both a heat matt and deep heat projector on seperate thermostats she is also kept on paper towel for now, she is constantly drinking water too, I tried giving her some warm water baths incase it was impaction (her last poop had some sphagnum moss in it) and still nothing, any tips for a severely stressed owner?


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You would not believe how often these guys go on hunger strikes: winter, ovulating, mating . . . it goes on and on. Your female's tail looks good in proportion to her body. You don't have to worry too much unless the tail starts getting noticeably thinner; leopard geckos store their fat in their tails. The record for not eating at my house was set by my leopard gecko Oskar (who is featured in the article in the link below): 6 months, November to May. He would regularly lose at least 20 grams in the winter and then bulk back up to 89 grams in the summer. He's no longer alive, but I had him for about 12 years. The most you can do is keep offering and be patient (and watch the tail).
Here's an article I wrote that may be helpful:


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