Leopard Gecko Available for Adoption


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Holbrook, MA
Name: Astrid
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years old
Location: Holbrook, MA
Adoption Fee: $20
Description: Astrid arrived with moderate-to-severe MBD and though she has made amazing progress she will never be entirely "normal". She needs a dedicated home willing to keep up with her every other day calci-blast supplementation and who will ensure she is eating well (has not been a problem as of late). She can be a little sassy but isn't aggressive and enjoys exploring once outside her enclosure. Due to her condition, we are recommending a home without small children.

The Gecko Sanctuary is a small, reptile rescue comprimsed of a network of foster homes in Massachusetts. All of our animals are adopted as pets only (no breeding) and must be housed individually. Shipping is not available. To apply to adopt, complete our application here: Adoption Application - The Gecko Sanctuary
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