Leopard gecko dropped tail


New Member
One of my leopard geckos escaped last night (quite literally pushed through a tiny foam piece that covers a small opening in her tank - which is smaller than her body so i don’t even know how she got out), and we found her this morning with her tail dropped and a tiny cut on her side. I have 3 leopard geckos and the other 2 we got with MBD, so having the one healthy one go through something traumatic is heart breaking.
She is in a seperate tank, and I have already laid down paper towels instead of substrate, and placed her tail in the tank (i heard they eat them? but it was dropped in our pantry so idk if it being moved into her tank will affect that?). She is very skiddish now (before would throw a fit if you didn’t hold her every night so it’s heartbreaking to see) so I’m trying to just feed her and give her space.
I will take any advice possible PLEASE because I want to give her the best possible outcome. Any advice, information on what happens next, etc is appreciated. Thank you

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