Leopard Gecko not laying eggs

I have a female leopard gecko that I bred with my male. I saw them breed and separated them into their own tanks. I read that she would lay her eggs 16 to 22 days after copulation. It is now the twenty eighth day and she still has not laid her eggs. I can see her eggs and I am providing her with a moist laying box. I am keeping her right beside my male and they can see each other could this be stressing her out. Also from what I can tell she is not egg bound because she has a voracious appetite does not have bloated stomach and is not lethargic. I am new to this and it is my first time.


Staff member
Somerville, MA
It sometimes takes longer than the range. Make sure you're seeing eggs (large white ovals) as opposed to ovulation (smaller pink circles). If there really are eggs, it just takes awhile. I've had a gecko go 6 weeks or more between clutches (when I was breeding I had enough females that I couldn't get too worried about who had shown eggs for how long).


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